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PakiPerv 1 year ago
After mom and I were watching a video of my ex sucking my said she can do better. She ended up sucking really much better than my slutty filipina ex. Mom also allowed me to cum in her mouth. She surprised me by swallowing it all. Desi moms can be VERY sexual.
Annonimous 3 years ago
Fuckerbiy 2 years ago
I wish that was my mom
1 year ago
Our culture is fucked up--worse if you're Muslim. My Pakistani single mom has sexual needs and "people talking" really makes sexual release almost impossible. Mom told me of this struggle when I turned 18, and we stayed at home on my birthday and enjoyed dinner, wine and each other. I offered that if anyibody knew if her and I were sexual together, would she be ok. She agreed, and we had been making love throughout my college days. You can call me a Maderchod (mothernfucker) like mom does.
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Ben Dover 12 months ago
That boy needs some hair maintenance and to trim!
N ... 1 year ago
Hey mom what you say wanna put my dick in your mouth. You watched Andria do it I know you like it
2 years ago
I'd never leave the house
taji 2 years ago
my favourite
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My mom always gives her pussy to me she says that fuck my boy